Thursday, January 20, 2011

Biography Razor 'Death Metal / Metal band'

RAZOR, stands at September 2010, althought a new band metal, we through struggle to make many arts for burning metal scene in Indonesian and in the world. The part of RAZOR are Bayu Setiadi (vocal), Eko Cahyono (guitar), Agus Julian (drum) and then we meet Mail (rhythm/additional). We genre is deathmetal/metal and the lyrics average using english language because we want we songs can heared and terrorized ears of metalheads in tehe world. For that, we need much support from metalheads in anywhere and RAZOR is nothing without support from you. So, we wish luck and always keep \m/ \m/ HELLYEAAAHHHH !!!

Genre: Death Metal / Metal
Location :  bogor, Indonesia
Email us Razor :
Site :
 Download mp3 for Razor : 
The savior is thirsty blood Download

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