Thursday, January 05, 2012

Video Clips Anabantha Band "Gothic Doom Metal Mexico"


The second single from the album "The Well of desires" of the gothic metal band Anabantha Mexican. This video is based on much original artistic concepts of the art of CD that was released in Mexico, US.A. and Latin America in late 2009. We shot it in three days at various locations considered magical state of Puebla and Veracruz. I think it's one of the videos more complicated, technically speaking, I've done so today. I hope you enjoy it.


HECHIZO es un tema que se desprende del disco "Letanías Capítulo III" de la banda de metal gótico mexicano ANABANTHA. Este video fue realizado durante las sesiones del grabación del álbum en el año 2006.Anabantha: Vampiro


Extraido del DVD Crisálida que saldrá en este 2011. Este video es una muestra de la banda mexicana ANABANTHA en vivo desde el Zócalo de la Cd. de México.
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